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Funeral Order of Service Template Wording Examples

It can be incredibly difficult to say goodbye to a loved one, especially if the preparations of the funeral fall upon those heavily affected ...
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funeral memorial cards

What are Funeral Memorial Cards and Prayer Cards?

Memorial cards are a delicate piece of funeral stationery. They are small, usually laminated cards (roughly the size of a playing card) that work ...
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Funeral invitation with white rose on a dark background

6 Funeral Invitation Wording Examples

When a loved one has passed it is important to ensure that everyone who knew and loved them has the opportunity to say goodbye ...
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Husband comforting wife because of the passing of a loved one

What to do When Someone Dies: A Guide

When a loved one passes it can be a terribly confusing, emotional, and overwhelming thing to have to deal with. This guide aims to ...
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Hand of man hold candle flame light at night with bokeh at a funeral

What to Include in a Funeral Order of Service

When confronted with writing a funeral order of service, it may feel incredibly overwhelming and emotional. Because of this, writing the funeral order of ...
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order of service template In Remembrance of loved ones

Funeral Order of Service Ideas: How to Make a Funeral Program

The digitalisation of things has grown over time, and with the effects of the pandemic making things like virtual funerals a possibility, it’s no ...
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Funeral order of service template

Remote Funerals: All You Need to Know

Covid undoubtedly changed the world in so many ways. We were forced to adapt in a way we could not have imagined previously. One ...
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arranging a funeral order of service

The Funeral Guide

A funeral is of course an emotional time and one that should be dealt with sensitively. The funeral arranging process may be difficult, but ...
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funeral order of service templates

What is the Typical Order of a Funeral Service?

When you come to arrange a funeral, it can feel overwhelming and upsetting. This can cause a lot of confusion as to how best ...
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