Designing your own order of service

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Since the dramatic social impact of the pandemic, the funeral industry has changed in many ways, inspiring people to begin thinking differently about how they want to honour the lives of their loved ones. As we enter 2022, the entire world is looking to take a step towards a more productive, healthy, and joyful life,…

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What is advanced funeral planning?

Design your own order of service

Advanced funeral planning is ultimately about making arrangements for your funeral before you pass. This can include everything that goes into a funeral, from deciding what kind of service you would like to choosing your funeral announcement card design. A study by WHO shows that those who have gone through adverse life events, such as…

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Why funerals are part of the healing process

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When you lose a loved one, it can be a difficult and confusing time. You may feel like you’re in a fog, struggling to make sense of what has happened, but this is a normal reaction. While it may seem like an added burden when you’re already feeling so overwhelmed, but funerals are an essential…

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How to discuss final wishes with a loved one

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No one likes to think about their own death, whether in relation to your own or that of a loved one. This often makes it difficult to discuss this emotional subject with those close to you. But it’s important to have a conversation about your final wishes, whether that’s about designing your own funeral order…

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Planning your own funeral – a definitive guide

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Planning your own funeral is becoming an increasingly common way to relieve the stress of those close to you at such a difficult time. In 2021, there were over 1,600,00 unplanned funerals in the UK, resulting in family members having to deal with the pressure and stress that is often associated with funeral preparations. While…

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The best funeral stationery for you

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Funeral stationery is a simple and personal way to remember a loved one who’s passed away. While organising a funeral can be difficult, it’s crucial to choose the right stationery you need that is beautifully designed, distinct and honours the death of a loved one. With an array of different types of funeral stationery available,…

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