Funeral leaflets: What are they used for?

Funeral order of service template

Organising a funeral for a loved one is always a difficult task. With a lot to organise for the final preparations, it’s important to select the right funeral stationery that will celebrate the memory of your loved one.

Funeral leaflets are a great way to not only display important information about the service but can also be a touching way to honour a loved one’s memory. Additionally, funeral leaflets serve as compassionate keepsakes for guests to keep after the service.

With a lot to consider and understand about what goes into a funeral service booklet, Memorial Stationery has broken down the key points to help ease the pressure and support you in this difficult time.

What goes into a funeral leaflet?

A funeral leaflet is an order of service booklet or leaflet that outlines the structure and running order of a service. This is the most common, as well as the most crucial piece of funeral stationery needed. Traditionally, it’s shared with family, friends, and guests that attend the funeral on the day that they can then keep after.

The typical template of a funeral order of service includes the structure of the funeral, poignant messages, hymns, photographs, and even readings.

When you make your own funeral order of service for a loved one, it should be seen as a celebration of their life and, with Memorial Stationery’s extensive range of bespoke and elegant order of service templates, it can be customised and personalised to suit how you want a loved one to be remembered.

A funeral service booklet aims to:

  • Help guests follow the service
  • Indicate the readers or speakers that will be speaking or reading passages
  • Usually include lyrics for hymns or songs for guests to follow along with
  • Act as a physical reminder of the loved one that’s passed away

If the service is intended to be more informal, then the structure may differ and can be appropriately reflected in our designs and templates.

At Memorial Stationery, we like to think of a funeral as a celebration of a life and, our bespoke range of funeral leaflets helps to bring a personal touch to this celebration.

Funeral order of service template


Funeral order of service template

As you make your own funeral order of service, it’s important to keep the overall elements of it simple, starting with the cover. Whether this is a small leaflet or a larger booklet, the front page of an order of service typically includes:

  • A photo of the deceased
  • The name of your loved one
  • The dates that they were born and when they passed away
  • The date, time, and location of the service

When it comes to the inside of the funeral leaflet, this can be as detailed as you like and tends to vary depending on the type of ceremony you will be having to celebrate the life of your loved one.

You’ll often find that the inside includes:

  • Entrance music to be played on arrival
  • Introduction and welcome by the person conducting the service
  • Hymn, song, or prayer
  • A reading, poem, or anecdotal story
  • Eulogy or tributes to the loved one
  • A second hymn, song, or prayer
  • Farewell and closing words, followed by exit music, usually a different song


Funeral stationery

At Memorial Stationery, we offer an exclusive range of funeral stationery that includes, funeral service booklets, announcement cards, memory boards, bookmarks, and many other options.

Each piece of stationery offers something unique and personal for you to honour and celebrate your loved one’s life.

With our array of funeral order of service templates available, each one suits how you want to honour a loved one’s memory, depending on if the individual was spiritual or religious.

Each design can be personally customised and edited, from the type of font, additional images all the way down to the design patterns. These customisations can be edited directly in our unique and easy to use design software that gives you complete control and freedom in making your own bespoke order of service.

We have a range of standard design templates that include four pages, with a photo cover or our more bespoke and detailed funeral leaflets that range from eight, ten or twelve pages where you can include additional pictures, notes, and memories.

You can browse our funeral order of service templates if you’re looking for further support or more funeral stationery.