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Funeral order of service is a document that outlines the order of events for a funeral service. It is typically handed out to guests at the funeral and can be a valuable keepsake for those who attended. Furthermore, the funeral order of service is one of the most common pieces of funeral stationery and is a traditional staple of funeral services. The origin of the funeral order of service dates to the Ancient Roman era and has been present in funeral services across time.

In modern funeral arrangements, the funeral order of service is a printed booklet, consisting of however many pages you wish and usually follows the below format.

  • Entrance Music
  • Welcome and Opening Words
  • Poetry Reading
  • Tribute
  • Reflection Music
  • Poetry Reading
  • Closing Words
  • Exit Music


A funeral can follow a traditional or non-traditional format and ultimately should replicate the tone of the service. The traditional order of service booklets will include prayers, bible readings, and scripture readings. However, for other services, the order of service can replicate your wishes. For more information regarding the content requirements of a funeral order of service, you can read more about what to include here.

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Order of Service Printing

At Memorial Stationery we offer a variety of printing services for all your funeral stationery needs, including funeral announcement cards, memory boards, bookmarks, and funeral order of service leaflets. We offer a wide variety of order of service templates in a range of styles and themes. We offer elegant and timeless funeral order of service booklets in 4,6,8, or more page booklets.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to design something unique to your tastes, you can use our easy to use online editor tool to create personalised and entirely bespoke funeral order of service booklets. Our editor tool is incredibly easy to use and offers you the option to create something deeply personal and unique to your service.

All our funeral stationery is printed in house using our specialist print machines. We offer templated print designs for all our funeral stationery, as well as bespoke printing options. All in house printing is completed to the highest quality.

Once you have uploaded your document, we will send you a PDF proof of your Order of Service before printing. Once you have okayed the proof we will then move to print. After this your order of service booklets will be out for delivery.

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