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Watch our comprehensive video to get a full run down on how to use our editor

Changing the font colour

  • If you are in the editor and decide you want to save your design for later this is easy to do.
  • Simply click on the "Save for Later" button on the top right hand side of the editor, just to the left of the refresh button.
  • You will then need to either login or register
  • Once you have done this, if you click on "My Account" dropdown menu and then "My Saved Designs" and you will be able to see any designs that you have saved.
  • You will then be able to click "Resume Design" on the one you wish to carry on working on
  • Then click "Continue Printing Design" to carry on to pick up where you left off.
Save Your Design For Later

  • Inserting text and photos onto the same design is easy if you follow these steps and can make your designs really visually dynamic
  • Open the editor up and select the page you want add text and photos on.
  • Select the large "T" (Text) icon on the left hand side of the editor and then click "Add new text to Canvas"
  • A text box should appear on your page.
  • You can move this around using your mouse
  • Using the text tools at the top of the page you can also adjust the text style and size along with the alignment
  • To insert a photo, click "Upload" on the left hand side menu.
  • Then select the photo, picture or design you want on your page.
  • This should appear on your page.
  • You can resize this using your mouse
Adding Text and Images To A Page
  • The page grid is a useful tool to check alignment
  • To turn this on it is simple, simply press the button that looks a little like a hashtag on the top left hand side of the menu.
  • This is just to the right of the page menu.
Turning On Grid View
  • Yes, you can. Use the simple steps below
  • Select the text that you want to copy and press CTRL + C. MAC users should press Command Key + C
  • Find the text box that you want the text inserted to and press CTRL + V. MAC users should press Command Key + V
  • The text should appear for you.
  • You can also do this by Right Clicking text and selecting Paste Here option within the editor
Copy and paste text
  • Changing the style etc. of the font is easy.
  • Once you have your text in your text box make sure that the part that you wish to edit is selected.
  • Then move your mouse towards the top of the page and the text edit menu should appear.
  • Here you can find text colour, style, size, alignment and much more to make your design completely bespoke

Changing Font

Changing the font colour

Changing Font Size

Turning On Grid View

Changing Font Colour

Changing the font colour

  • Adding photos to designs can make them particularly bespoke to the individual. This is easy to do following these simple steps
  • You should see a box on your page which says "Add Photo". Click this.
  • You are then given the option to upload your photos from your computer or phone. Select where the photos will be uploaded from.
  • Select the photos on your computer or phone and then click "Open"
  • You can then drag and drop the photo onto the page where you want it to go.
Uploading Images

  • Yes you can. You can crop your photo or add filters and much much more using our online editor.
  • Simply ensure that the photo is uploaded to the page where you would like it to be placed.
  • If you then move your mouse to the top of the editor the photo editor menu should appear.
  • Here you can select to crop the photo down or even add filters such as greyscale or sepia.
Editing Images

  • By adding or removing pages you can make the design completely bespoke to you. Whatsmore, its really simple.
  • Simply, open the design in the editor.
  • On the left hand menu, click "Add Page"
  • You will then have a scroll down menu, on the left hand side, of page designs to pick from.
  • Select the page you want to add.
  • If you want to rearrange the order or delete pages then click "delete/ rearrange pages" at the bottom of this menu.
  • Once you've clicked this, a small page order menu should pop up. You can drag and drop pages into the order that you want them on here.
  • If you want to delete a page then simply press the red X on the page order menu thats popped up.
Copy and paste text

  • Yes, of course you can.
  • Once you have finalised your design and submitted the order, you will have the option to download your design as a PDF.
  • You are then free to share this with your friends and family.
Copy and paste text

  • It's hard to say exactly what resolution image you will need as different size products, and the size of the photographs or imagery on them, will all be contributing factors.
  • If you are uploading your own imagery or photographs then please try and ensure you are uploading the highest resolution possible.
  • Higher resolution photographs and imagery can take longer to upload but is worth the wait as you will get a better result when it is printed.
  • If you are unsure as to whether or not your image is good enough resolution or concerned that it may come out pixalated then please don't hesitate to contact us.

  • Yes we do.
  • We print a test version of your memorial stationery to ensure that everything prints out as intended and to our exceptionally high standards.
  • The test print, also, allows us to check photo quality and make sure that everything is aligned properly.
  • The only thing we do not do is proofread the wording within the design. It is your responsibility to check for spelling errors.