Funeral Memory Board Template

Provide funeral attendees with a friendly welcome message when they arrive at your loved one’s funeral by using a customised Funeral Welcome Board. It will also assure anyone attending who does not know anyone else there or who has not come in a group that they have arrived at the right service.

The Funeral Welcome Boards are extremely easy to personalise but if there is anything that Memorial Stationery can do to help then simply get in touch by either calling, emailing or filling in our contact form.

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Browse our memory card templates

Our funeral memory card templates allow you the freedom to customise and create a personal keepsake in memorial of your loved one. Include significant pictures, hymns, or poems in remembrance of your loved one. Memory boards are completely unique to you and your loved one.

Is Funeral Stationary Important?

Funeral stationery can be an integral part of the funeral service. At Memorial Stationery, we pride ourselves on offering bespoke and template funeral stationery, including funeral order of service, memory boards, memorial cards and more. Browse today to create a sentimental send off for your loved one.

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