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A Funeral Order of Service is an integral part of any funeral and is a particularly poignant way to commemorate and celebrate a loved one’s life. As well as commemorate their passing. They are typically handed out to anyone who attends a funeral so they can follow and partake in the service. The Order of Service includes any relevant readings, poems, or hymns, as well as a timeline of the day’s events.

You can easily create your own bespoke Funeral Order of Service online using our easy customisation tool. Browse our variety of templates and designs to make your Order of Service completely personalised to you and your loved one. With our customisation tool you can upload photos and insert text easily to create a personalised Order of Service. We give you total control over the design and layout of your Order of Service to create something memorable and sentimental.

Why is Funeral Order of Service Important?

A Funeral Order of Service is incredibly important and is often kept by attendees as a keepsake of the person who has passed. Upload photos and insert text easily with our editing tool. You have total control to design your Funeral Order of Service online or pick an Order of Service template.

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Bespoke Designs

Our funeral Order of Service templates come with two, four, eight or twelve (or more) pages. This can be adjusted through an editing tool, and we can help you design your Order of Service online to make it truly personal.


Easy to Choose

Whatever religion you are, we have the imagery to honour this in the Order of Service that you design for your loved one. Perhaps you’re not religious at all? Not to worry, we have a selection of imagery that is completely non-religious too.

Choose from our extensive library of imagery or, alternatively, upload your own so that you have a completely customised Order of Service.


Our Customisation tool provides basic and advanced creation, allowing you the freedom to create a bespoke Funeral Order of Service template.
You can choose:

  • Cherished pictures of your loved one
  • Font size and style
  • Style of card
  • How many pages
  • Colour scheme
  • Text & More

A Personalised Funeral Order of Service is a very intimate and unique send off for your loved one. A Funeral Order of Service provides a schedule of the ceremony and is handed out to family and friends as they arrive at the service or sent to people who cannot attend.

A Funeral Order of Service is a booklet given out to attendees. It details the funeral service order and includes any hymns, readings and cherished photographs dedicated to the loved one being celebrated.

To create a personalised Funeral Order of Service online you can simply select from our beautifully crafted order of service templates or edit and adjust using our editing tool for a truly bespoke finish. You have complete freedom to create, design or choose any type of Order of Service:

  • Memorial Service
  • Celebration of Life
  • Obituary
  • Funeral Cards
  • religious ceremony
  • Weddings

How Our Funeral Order of Service Template Editor Works?

Our free online template editor allows you the freedom to personalise your order of service exactly to your requirements. Insert treasured photographs; type or paste in your text including hymns, poems, and readings.

Create 2, 4, 6, 8 or 12-page order of service booklets using our editable page templates. We pride ourselves on having a straightforward and user-friendly process. It is incredibly easy to use and gives you the freedom to personalise the inner pages of your Funeral Order of Service to your exact wishes.

We have several themes to choose from and/or edit, such as: Children, Classic border, Floral design, Photo collection and Sports. Choose from our extensive library of imagery or, alternatively, upload your own so that you have a completely customised Order of Service.

Select from a range of different photo pages that allow you to upload and showcase cherished photos of your loved one. Use our text pages to paste or type in your own sentiment and texts. This can include readings, hymns and prayers, words of sentiment, or just general thanks. If you’re stuck for content, we provide a comprehensive list of hymns to add to your Order of Service.

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Do I need a funeral order of service?

You do not need one, however they are traditional, and most people will opt to have one.

How do I make a personalised order of service?

Simply click our ‘design your own’ tab, browse our order of service templates, choose one you like and then click ‘customize this design’.

If you have difficulties personalising your order of service using our online editor, please feel free to contact us for assistance on 0121 553 2204, email us at or use our contact form below