The best funeral stationery for you

Editable order of service

Funeral stationery is a simple and personal way to remember a loved one who’s passed away. While organising a funeral can be difficult, it’s crucial to choose the right stationery you need that is beautifully designed, distinct and honours the death of a loved one.

With an array of different types of funeral stationery available, it’s important to understand why it’s necessary and what each one brings to a ceremony.

At Memorial Stationery, while we offer bespoke funeral service booklets, otherwise known as an order of service, we also stock additional stationery to help add that personalised touch to help celebrate the memory of a loved one.


Why use funeral stationery

Funeral stationery is an important part of organising a funeral. Depending on the type of stationery you decide on, they all act as keepsakes and reminders to hold onto the memory of the ceremony and more importantly, those who have passed.

Certain stationery, such as funeral cards or funeral service booklets, help act as a physical reminder of the day when you were able to say your final goodbye.

Other stationery pieces, such as memory boards or welcome boards help present a cathartic experience on the day, where friends and family can gather to reflect on significant milestones or moments through pictures of a loved one’s life.

Depending on the budget and cost of the ceremony, you can also personalise and select what type of stationery suits you.

We offer a bespoke range of elegant designs for each funeral stationery available, each with the ability to be personalised and provide a poignant feature to honour the memory of a loved one.

Funeral Order of Service Template 3


Order of service

Typically seen at every funeral, an order of service provides an outline of the running order and structure of the service. It’s traditionally shared with family, friends, and guests that they can then keep after.

As well as the structure for the ceremony, a funeral service booklet usually includes elements such as stories, hymns, messages and sometimes photographs.

A funeral service booklet essentially:

  • Helps guests follow along with the service
  • Indicates the readers or speakers delivering passages or readings
  • Often includes lyrics for hymns or songs to follow along to
  • Act as a physical reminder of the loved one who’s passed

Funerals can be a difficult time for all those involved, and an order of service acts as a template to help guide guests through the ceremony.

At Memorial Stationery, we offer bespoke and customisable designs with our range of funeral service booklet templates.


Memory boards

Memory boards act as an expressive way to honour the memory of a loved one.

The memory board can be used as a centrepiece for the occasion, providing friends and family with a friendly message as well as an indicator that guests are at the right service.

Memory boards often showcase milestones and memories from their life, such as their wedding day, birthdays, holidays, or other special occasions. They act as the perfect way to positively reflect on a loved one’s life through pictures and come in various sizes, from A1-A4 boards.




For a more touching piece of stationery, a bookmark is a poignant way for friends, family and guests mourning the loss to have a unique reminder.

A bookmark is a distinct way to remember a loved one who was an avid reader or religious. By using a funeral bookmark, you will have a reminder of the person you lost when it comes to reading.

As with all our funeral stationery, our bookmarks can be personalised and customised with designs, pictures and even a message inscribed on the bookmark.


Announcement cards

An announcement card is a form of funeral service card that is sent out to friends, family and guests to announce the death of a loved one in a formal, respectful, and simple way.

These funeral cards are particularly useful if you have a lot of people to inform and would rather not have to break the upsetting news several times over.

This funeral stationery can be written however you choose and can be personalised to your style and taste.




Attendance cards

Being an emotional and stressful day, the ceremony can become a blur and things may become lost in your mind throughout the day. These funeral attendance cards are a particularly helpful tool in reminding you who attended on the day.

Funeral attendance cards are also particularly useful when you have a large number of guests attending the ceremony.

This provides you with the opportunity to reflect and to remind yourself who attended the funeral and can then act as a way to then say thank you afterwards.


Welcome boards

Welcome boards provide funeral attendees with a friendly welcome message when they arrive at your loved one’s funeral.

Using a personalised welcome board helps to provide a clear indication of who the ceremony is for and to ensure guests that they’re at the right service.

Welcome Boards 1



At Memorial Stationery, our extensive range of funeral stationery comes with standard yet elegantly designed templates while each piece also offers a bespoke option to customise and personalise how you see fit.

Customisation is easy in our simple online customisation tool, available for our funeral service booklets, funeral cards, and boards. Visit Memorial Stationery for more information.