Types of Funeral Stationery

Funeral Stationery Image

When organising a funeral, there is a lot to remember and even more to consider when making the final preparations to celebrate a loved one’s life. Announcing the death of a loved one is neither easy, nor pleasant.

However, when the time does come, we have an extensive range of bespoke and elegant funeral stationery to make sure their send-off is a memorable one. We like to think of a funeral as a celebration of a life well-lived and feel our range of funeral stationery products brings a personal touch to this celebration.

Typically, all funerals will have a funeral order of service, but if you are looking to add some additional personalised touches, we have an extensive range of other funeral stationery.

Order of service

Most important bit of funeral stationery is the Order of service. Funeral order of service is the most common piece of personalised funeral stationery, and as such we have a wide selection of the order of service templates to create a beautiful and bespoke order of service for your loved one.

Funeral order of service typically details the events of the funeral. Including where and at what time the funeral is being held, any hymns or poems sung at the funeral, as well as information about the wake, a designated charity, or any further information the family of the deceased feel relevant.

Announcement cards

Our announcement cards come in a range of styles, catering to all tastes and fashions. Announcement cards are used to send to friends and family to tell them about the passing of a loved one. As well as information about when and where their funeral will be being held.

If you are considering purchasing funeral announcement cards, we have a wide range of styles, as well as the online tools to customise designs to create a truly bespoke finish. If you have questions or issues with your design, do not hesitate to contact us.

Attendance cards

A funeral attendance card is helpful for letting you know who attended your loved one’s funeral. Because the day can be particularly overwhelming for several reasons, you may want to have attendance cards so you can keep track of who attended the funeral.

Additionally, funeral attendance cards can be a great way to stay on top of who you may need to thank for attending or donating to a designated charity. If some of the guests sparked up a memorable conversation or told you a particular kind story of your loved one, attendance cards can be a great way to document this and serve as a valuable keepsake.

We have a large selection of attendance cards to choose from, as well as online tools to completely customise and edit the template yourself to create a truly bespoke design.

Welcome boards

Welcome boards offer a completely personal and touching sentiment to your loved one’s funeral. A custom-made funeral welcome board is a personal way to showcase your loved one’s most memorable moments.

This could include pictures of them from childhood to recently, milestones such as their wedding or graduation. Even just a collection of pictures that you feel most represents their character. It is decided only by you and can be an especially sentimental touch, and a valuable keepsake.


A bookmark in the memorial of your loved one is a classic and touching way for mourners and attendees of the funeral to hold on to a keepsake. These can be especially lovely if your loved one was a religious person or an avid reader.

Your personalised bookmark can feature a picture of your loved one, as well as a significant reading or poem, or even just a few poignant words that were special to them.

These keepsakes are particularly special and can be distributed to attendees of the funeral for a truly personal and memorable keepsake. You can also add any artwork or designs yourself using our online editing tool.

Memory boards

Memory boards can be an especially poignant way to commemorate your loved one’s life. A memory board can be used to showcase the best moments of your loved one’s life, their wedding day, a memorable holiday, significant birthday, etc.

Memory boards can be a lovely addition to the funeral service, focused around remembering the positives of a loved one’s life. Our memory boards come in several different elegant designs and can be customised to your unique tastes for a truly bespoke finish.

If you or anyone you know are struggling with how to write a funeral order of service, please check out our blog post on this topic for tips and ideas.