What are Funeral Memorial Cards and Prayer Cards?

funeral memorial cards

Memorial cards are a delicate piece of funeral stationery. They are small, usually laminated cards (roughly the size of a playing card) that work as a tribute to the deceased. Memorial cards are useful bits of funeral stationery that can be distributed at wakes, memorial services, and celebrations of life, as well as funeral services.

Memorial cards can also be referred to as prayer cards and funeral cards. Their function is usually to provide a meaningful keepsake for the attendees of the funeral service, Memorial cards are used for guests to keep and usually will be placed in a bible or prayer book as a reminder of the loved one.

Typically, memorial cards are used for religious services. They usually feature a photo of the deceased, and an inspirational image of the deceased. The reverse side typically features a poem, verse, or scripture representing the life of the deceased and offering hope in a dark time. Alternatively, the reverse side may also feature a short biography of the deceased.

The tradition of funeral memorial cards originates from the Catholic faith. Prayer cards traditionally honoured the various saints and biblical episodes. The cards were provided at funeral services but did not feature information relating to a specific person. As the tradition developed prayer cards were given out at funerals to attendees to remind them to pray for the family.

Once printing became more accessible and affordable, the cards were adopted as a memorial tribute. Standard prayer cards can still be found outside of funeral services, often at church gift shops and other specialised religious shops.

Funeral stationery

Now, funeral cards and other funeral stationery are staples of funeral services, memorial services, and other celebrations of life. When choosing funeral stationery, there is a lot to think about. For example, the kind of funeral stationery you want to include. Some examples are listed below.

Memory boards

Memory cards are elegant pieces of funeral stationery designed to have a more positive influence during the funeral service. Memory boards typically feature pleasant images of the deceased across their life. Usually, things to make guests remember the more positive aspects of the deceased’s life. Memory boards are elegant and modern ways to add a positive touch to a sombre day.

Funeral order of service

Funeral order of service is the most traditional type of funeral stationery. The order of service typically includes the events of the day, as well as details about the service. Things such as the hymns, poems or readings that will be read during the service, for guests to follow along with. The order of service is usually used as a way for guests to keep track of the day’s events, as well as to be kept as a valuable keepsake. Order of services can be used across a variety of services, including weddings, christenings, communions, and funerals and serve a very important function both during the service and afterwards.